My Biography

Dan Urban, a native of Denver, CO, is continually working to build his home-based studio and to pursue a full-time career as a creative glass artist. Dan has enjoyed initial success in local group exhibitions having won awards for technique, design, and innovation. Continued education include studies with Richard La Londe (student and teaching assistant [TA] 2005, 2006, 2008), Robert Leatherbarrow (student and TA 2007, 2008), and Steve Klein (student 2001, 2003). Dan’s work can be found displayed in collections within Colorado and other states.

Creating things has been integral to me throughout my life. The creative drive is something necessary, uncontrollable and an important piece of what makes Dan Urban. I was introduced to glass fusing in 2001. Since then, I have been fascinated with the complex properties of glass - fragility and strength, fluidity and rigidity, translucency and depth. I am only bound by the confines of my current understanding of glass behavior as a workable medium. As an avid outdoorsman, research and imagery from nature are primary influences in my designs and compositions. Integrating technical and intuitive ideas produce a body of work that invites contemplation and contentment.